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Ray C. Johnson

About Ray C. Johnson & Associates

 Ray C. Johnson & Associates engages in client-centered practice using our understanding of the participants and of content to establish high expectations for all. We draw on the diversity, strength, experience and knowledge of each employee to build and strengthen their understanding of content and skill development. 

We seek to foster the client’s self-esteem, and confidence through learning activities that develop commitment and ownership of tasks and goals. Thus, participants will be involved in activities that draw on their assets, challenge the “business as usual” thinking, and shifts the paradigm from “entitlement” to “empowerment!”


Ray C. Johnson & Associates has more than 36 years in education and has provided staff development and parental involvement workshops, seminars and conferences to hundreds of educators and parent organizations throughout the country. 

We invite you and your team to consider our consulting services.  Some of our workshops, seminars and conferences include the following areas:

Instructional and Curriculum Development

African-Centered Education

Cultural Competence

Educating Male Students

Motivating the Reluctant Student

Direct – Instruction

Differentiated Learning

Curriculum Development


The use of Data to Improve Achievement

Designing and Implementing
Effective Rubrics

Gender-Based Education

Reading, Writing, Math &
Science Instruction

Higher Order Thinking Skills

Research-Based Strategies for
Higher MEAP Scores

Effective Classroom Management

Proactive Discipline Strategies

Motivating Reluctant Learners

Whole School Reform

High Performance Team Building

Conflict Management

School Improvement Planning

Developing a Positive School Culture

Managing Change

Teacher/Staff Motivation

Strategic Market and Fund Development

Effective Stress & Time Management

Parent Involvement

Increase Parent Involvement through the Parents as Positive Partners Program – “P.A.P.”

Power Parenting Training

Community Collaborations

Bullying and Peer Pressure

Drug and Alcohol Prevention

Parents as Academic Coaches